Hey Pit Monkeys!

So me and my friend want to play something at the end of the year.

Please recommend some cool 2 guitar songs without any vocals, something instrumental.

Any Colour You Like - Pink Floyd. I don't know if you guy can play that though.
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Explosions in the Sky has some cool insrumentals.
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Europa - Santana

I beg you, listen to it. Everyone will like it, it's not too heavy or too calm either.

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Song is defined as "something you sing", as far as I'm concerned. What you are looking for is a piece of music, my friend!

What style of music do you want it to be?
I find Satriani - surfing with the alien to be pretty cool.
Another good one is deftones - if only tonight we could sleep. There are vocals in it, but it would sound awesome if you played the vocal melody with a guitar.
Orion-Metallica.If you have amazing skills,play the Rodrigo y Gabriela version.
Steve Vai
Marty Friedman
Michael Lee Firkins
Joe Satriani
Vinnie Moore

Take a look into these guys
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Man Made God - In Flames


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Thanks guys, I will check them out.
My friend is a guitar newb, so it would be better if the song is something easy to play.

Thanks once again.
Racer X - Scit Scat Wah
Racer X - Scarified
Racer X - Technical difficulties
Cacophony - Speed metal symphony
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Europa - Santana

I beg you, listen to it. Everyone will like it, it's not too heavy or too calm either.

Agreed, I love that song.
Metallica Have 3 instrumentals (Orion, Call of Ktulu, To Live Is To Die) that can be arranged for 2 guitars.
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Implements of Destruction by Chimaira
Speed Metal Symphony by Cacophony

Speed Metal Symphony is probably more guitar-focused than Implements of Destruction.
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There are a few fifties tunes that would work.

Also some of the surf rock from the 60's is nice.
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Thanks guys.
But all these songs are pretty hard to play, especially for my friend because he is a guitar newb.

But thanks for all the replies.
explosions in the sky - your hand in mine

Seriously the guitar work is quite simple and the two guitars work so well together in that song.

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Orion aint dat hard. If hes a real noob he could play the rythym for into the lungs of hell.
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Joe Satriani - Super Colossal

I use a Boss OC-3 to the same effect and my other guitarist turns up his gain and bass (turning down the volume).

The song sounds great when the guitarists double up on the intro, its an easy song (very vocal in itself, slow yet catchy), create your own solo (it doesnt have to be exact). Have fun with the song, i know you'll love it.
+1 to starry night

if hes playing in front of his school Orion shouldnt be hard for him

anything by satch if you have the skills
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I believe all you need to hear is 'Buckethead'.
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Europa - Santana

I beg you, listen to it. Everyone will like it, it's not too heavy or too calm either.

+100000 I love that piece
All songs from the Shadows. They got really cool songs like Apache and Moonlight Shadow (check YouTube for these songs). Lenny from Stevie Ray Vaughan is also a great song. And don't forget YYZ fron Rush, epic!
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Explosions in the Sky has some cool insrumentals.


Just play "Your Hand in Mine", and blow everyone's mind.
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Nerf herder!! The buffy theme tune!! the base is cool too
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A Buckethead song for sure, Soothsayer maybe, you could play the harder parts and he could do the main riffs and stuff.

Or maybe even the Power Rangers theme, if your tapping isn't too shabby you could do the tap parts and he could play the chords.
The Fire and the Fury - Firewind
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