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For sale is a mint condition Epiphone Les Paul Custom in Wine Red. Only imperfection is a very small nick (about the size of the tip of a ball point pen) on the front of the body(see picture below). Other than that virtually no scratches except for the standard wear on the back, which can be buffed out. Retails for $650 i am asking $375. I am willing to work out a trade for a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser or Classic, let me know. The guitar is still under Musician's Friend gold coverage warranty. Presently, i am not sure how much longer is left on it but ill try to find out(it's not in my order history), i think its something like 6 months.

I know i dont have any posts or anything on UG but im not looking to rip anyone off, and i hope you feel im being honest in this ad.

Any abnormalties in the pictures are a result of dust or the camera. The nick is the ONLY imperfection in this guitar.

Back Body.JPG
Back of Head.JPG
Head stock.JPG
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Would you take an Ibanez AS73 Artcore along with 250-300 dollars?
Also, where are you located?

P.S. Beautiful guitar by the way.
Im not interested in a hollow body, in fact thats why im selling this. I never got into the jazzy/blues kind of music that i thought i would, and as a result i havent really played this. Its good for metal and the action is really nice but i dont want something thats good for metal i want something great for metal. So im looking for something with activeP^.

Oh and i live in central new york.
How much money could you throw on top for a Hellraiser (without the FR)? I'm considering this. But by all means, don't hold out on anyone else because of me. I'm not officially making an offer, I'm just thinking about it.
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Bump. I guess 480 is kind of high so ill take it down to $450. If your interested dont hesitate to make an offer.
Alright still no takers. I would like to sell this by the end of the month so i will do $425, shipping included!!!
i've got a schecter vengeance standard that i really need to get off of my hands, its a year old
nice guitar dood. just a bit of advice. when you're taking a picture of an imperfection such as that ding, its a good idea to also put something like a dime or a quarter in the picture so you get a perspective as to how big it actually is. its sometimes impossible to tell just by looking at a zoomed in picture. cheers, and good luck.
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ya i thought about doing that but i didnt want people to tell me i was scratching the guitar by putting a dime on it. But like i said you would just be able to stick a ball point pen tip in it. The way it happened really sucks. I was building one of my computers and i was trying to figure out a problem with the gfx card, so i had a crappy one and i dropped it and it bounced and rolled for an unbelievable amount of time and to my horror the corner struck the epi which was on my guitar stand.
Trade for a Schecter C1 BlackJack?
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i will definately keep the blackjack in mind, ill have to think about it a little more.
I have pics if you are really interested. Just PM me if you want pics.
Schecter C-1 BlackJack
Peavey 5150 II
Ibanez 25W "Tone Blaster"
Fender Starcaster (Not the vintage kind, the Wal-Mart Value kit kind"

If Dimebag22 was a pie, I would cover him with whipped cream and eat his insides...
bump. Ill do $400 this is my lowest price. In 2 days im going to my local music store and selling it!!!
If someone doesn't buy this im gonna be choked, this is a beautiful guitar... Free bump i guess...
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No case, i do have a soft one to throw it in. Shipping this overseas would cost an outrageous amount of money so its not even worth it.
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Yeah, but with todays value of the dollar it's still almost cheaper :P
what is the difference between this guitar and the studio version? They look identical..thanks
Bump. i dont know the difference exactly but the custom has better pickups, a better body, chrome hardware, and pearl inlays. I bought my schecter yesterday. I really want to sell it, no more trades but theres always offers.
How much shipped to 08043? I love cutsoms. Had one just like it and for some reason I sold it.

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