I'm probably gonna sound like a complete n00b or whatever.. But all I currently have is my guitars and some cheap amps to go with them.. I keep reading all over the place about pedals and all this stuff.. and I have none of it..

So should I be investing in pedals or what? I've been playing like.. 3-4 years.. and buying this sort of thing has never crossed my mind.. I guess its only just been recently that i've been pratiscing more, learning more theory and getting more serious about guitar..

Are there any good starter pedals that anyone can recommend? And how much would they cost me?

Thanks in advance ( :
Oh hai guise..
Cheap amps?
Get an amp first.
My friend has a pretty decent boss pedal but when he hooks it up to this little peavey amp it gives the worst tone I've ever heard.

As for starter pedals anyways?

I don't really recommend much here since all pedals do different stuff.
One thing though.. multi-effects pedals.. people think they're so amazing.. some of them are alright but you have to pay a good amount for.

Things like 100 dollar ones are awful.. they're decent but if you compare the effects to like single pedal ones.. they're terrible.
plus multi-effects pedals usually are much different then singles and sound much better playing direct without an amp.

yeah.. there's lots of pedals.. depends what you want..
if you want a boost on distortion then get a distortion pedal..
if you want things to change your tone completely then there's several effects like delay, reverb, flanger, chorus..
of course that's not 1/4 of the others.. just a few popular kinds.
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My main amp is a Line 6 Spider amp.. Seems like a lot of people on this site seem to dislike them.. My Grandad bought it for himself to play with (Nearly everyone in my family plays guitar) But when it started taking up space in his house he said I could have it, or he'd sell it.. I thought i'd snap it up The others are just small starter amps.. Reason I have these is because they were cheap.. and I desperatly needed one..

So any suggestions on a new amp? I can't really go above 200 pounds..
Oh hai guise..
If you've never needed them until now, it's likely you might not need them in the future. Raise some cash, get a small tube amp if you feel your sound has space for improvement and plan from there. If not, wail away.
bro ok this is what to do...
earn some cash then trade those cheap amps in, get one kick ass power house of a amp(that you like(tube by the way) then there you go.

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Can someone explain to me the difference between tube amps and is it valve amps? Whats inside thats different and why is a tube amp better?
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no its tube and solidstate, valve amps are the same as tube amps
solidstate use circuits to REPLICATE the tone of a tube amp
they sound balls in comparison
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Can someone explain to me the difference between tube amps and is it valve amps? Whats inside thats different and why is a tube amp better?

Actually, a tube is the american term for valve, if I'm not mistaken, they're the same thing.

Despite being quite older than the solid state circuitry, the valve is still preferred because it adds harmonics to the sound that is being processed, that improves sound quality a lot in the drives (such as distortion) and (some people prefer the valve's) cleans (even though solid state and digital can yield believable cleans by now).