I've been playing for nearly a year now and I feel I have made good improvement in everything, except my riff creating ability isn't doing to well. Has anyone got any advice on creating good riffs?
Easy way to start, take a chord you like from one of your fav. bands songs. Then just mess with it and play other things with it.
Thats one of the big problems there, I can come up with good riffs in my head but the porblem is getting them out on guitar if you get what I mean
Learn some percussion.

A good riff (if I'm getting what you mean by a riff) is based around a rhythmic concept anyway, rather than a chord or melodic concept.

Some of the greatest riffs are, like when it comes to the melody/chords involved.

...but there's a great rhythmic syncopation happening, some interesting movement in the bass, and so on.
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Just mess around a lot.

You could also try singing a riff in your head and then try to play it.

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this is what i usually do, i'll pick up my guitar and just go at it often for hours on end and outta that whole time i might play something that makes me go "ooh that sounded f#ckin sweet, i gotta remember that"

also the guy who recommended percussion. that made me think of the intro to "train of consequences" which is badass in and of itself.
I guess I'm pretty good at writing songs/riffs. I work at a music store so I hear improvs all day and then I compile them all into a riff, then I'll base a song off of that riff. All you need is just one killer riff to make a great song.