At my high school talent show, I was going to play my ****ty Peavey Raptor EXP through my Fender Blues Junior, with my Boss Compression and Rat Distortion Pedal.

Our band, is a pop/indie mix. Not really heavy stuff, but the occasional punk-ish distortion use.

Unfortunately the NIGHT of the talent show, something goes wrong with the wiring in my guitar, and the tone sounds like it's on 0. So, luckily, I borrowed a guitar from my bassist, who is actually better at guitar than bass.

Anyhoo, that guitar was an Ibanez RG5EX1. During the soundcheck I adjusted the tone and EQ, and all that, and it was sounding sweet.

Now seeing as how his guitar is not mine, I gave it back after the second night of the Talent show...

My friend for life is letting me borrow $400 (i know...) to buy a new guitar, and I have my own spare change to pay for the tax. Also, I'm paying her back.

My question for you is:

Is there a guitar that sounds like the Ibanez RG on clean AND dirty, that does not have a floating bridge, and is semi-attractive?
Quote by sunnysayshi
Don't borrow money, even if you can pay it off.

Yeah, friends should never deal with money, it can ruin them.
And it's a bad habit to get into the "I can pay it later." habit.
Especially with debt issues these days.
Quote by JordantheAxe
Buy an ibanez then...?

Wow that really narrows down the playing field.

I'm just asking, I don't know what can sound similar to the RG.

And about borrowing the money.

Usually I would decline the offer, but we've been friends for over 4 years, and being the age that I am, I have not much else to spend the money on anyway.

And mind you, she's also loaded.
Quote by JordantheAxe
Buy an ibanez then...?

There's plenty of RGs in your price range.

Your friend just out of the blue loaned you $400?

How did the conversation go? Did she actually make stipulations or was she like "Just pay me back whenever..."?

She wants you.

If you don't mind thicker necks, try checking out some Schecter guitars... My personal favorite at your price would be the Gryphon.
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Quote by .Jamison
The necks aren't thicker on the Schecter tho...

Umm...yes in fact they are. I play ibanez guitars regularly, and every time I pick up a schecter (and I love the feel of the necks on their 6 strings, 7 strings not so much) it is in fact noticeably thicker.

Besides what's wrong with a thick neck??? Some people prefer them. Greater stability and more tone and all that junk.


As for the $400 question, Ibanez does make several RG's with fixed bridges that are well within that price range. just go to your local Guitar Center or go online and fine something in your price range. If you have a local store that sells Ibanez check with them, they might even be able to order it for you.
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Fix your guitar. It's soooooo much easier and cheaper and allows you the time to then save your own money.
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Well, I would get it fixed, but the truth is, I don't miss it all that much.

I've had secondhand guitars all my guitaring life, and I'm finally ready to get a decent one.

Would anyone recommend the Fender MIM Tele or Strats for Pop/Indie music?
(They need to be able to handle distortion)
the Ibanez Ibanez SA260M is a good choice
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All those above mentioned ibanez's are great guitars in your price range

like suggested before, go to GC or local shop and try and play each of them, find the one that plays the best
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