This isn't an actual song. It's just a little monologue i threw together. if you've read my song "2 years gone, 10 years later" you'll know that i just got dumped from a 3 and a half year relationship. and at first i wanted her back. but now she is dating my "best friend" so i dont want her back. is a little monologue about them.

you look different to me now.
more pathetic than ever.
and you know what?
i actually feel kinda bad for you and him.
not sorry, not sorry one bit.
you got what you deserved.
and im just sitting back smiling at the fact that you let me go before you went downhill.
and depending on how you look at it, i should be kinda thankful.
so thank you.
may you two be lonely and miserable together.

you dont have to crit this piece for me. i know its hard to crit such a short piece. i just wanted to say something, and this is what came out.

if ur having a similar situation, u can copy it if u want. be my guest. u can even edit it to fit ur situation.

if you would like to leave your opinion please feel free.
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