Hi, I'm new to the forums so if this problem was addressed before, I'm sorry. I've been playing guitar now for almost 7 years, and I just got a new Schecter C-1 Hellraiser. It uses EMG 81/85 active pickups. Now here is my problem, I'm having a problem muting strings that I'm not playing on when I play lead riffs, I've always been using my strumming hand to mute all strings lower than what i was playing on, and my fret hand basically muting all strings higher. This always worked for me but I've been finding it hard to entirely mute all the strings when I'm playing with high gain distortion. So what im basically asking is two things:

1) Is this problem common with active pickups?


2) Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or need to change or improve on?

Thank you in advance

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maybe move your muting hand firther up so instead of merely muting cancel all sound coming form them?

That's what muting means.

TS, EMGs have a higher output than most passives, so its going to be more difficult to mute all the strings completely, but that's the price you have to pay for high output. You know, other than the £160 the pickups actually cost.
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I was just basically curious if it was a common occurance/problem with active pickups or perhaps a problem with my technique, ya know? lol
Work on also using your picking hand on the higher strings. Experiment on when you can you put your right hand palm and cover the most strings when muting.