Anyone have any opinions on this model......comparisons to the sunn 300t

new/used......average price...flaws,reliability issues,general bitchiness etc....
sorry,i was unaware of a pro 300,there is a bassman 300 for sale ,and

there is a 300t for sale locally but the price seems high.........by the way are these made in

the usa?
I've not actually physically played one, but I've seen 2 used in-store. I saw one that actually said "Sunn 300T" on the back with a Fender badge on the front, and that was selling for $1000 used. I saw one with all-Fender decals in another store for $950 used.

I've heard nothing but good things about these heads. Things like they're a well-kept secret, and that it's a very modern sounding amp with tube warmth and presence. The front-end EQ is excellent. If I ever go tube, I'd definitely check these out about a SVT CL, 2PRO, and Mesa.
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..