I've been playing acoustic for a while now, and I want to get an electric. I'm also a lefty. Some people I know that play recommended a Fender Telecaster, but I thought that Strats were basically better versions of Teles, and I found a Tele and a Strat for the same price on GuitarCenter.com, so I'm confused. The two guitars I'm looking at are here:



Strat is more versitaile what makes it a better guitar for you as an (electric) newbie...
ill would to the tele bro i belive they are better dont know maybe is just me
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Of those two I would suggest the strat. Nothing against teles, they are great guitars. Strat = versatile.
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id start with a starter squier or something because after youve been playing for a bit you can decide what kind of sound you want, what genres youd be really playing and then go for a strat or tele, who knows after a few months of playing you might want to play all metal and go for an ibanez or shecter or something. if you get a fender strat or tele now, you might decide thats not what you're looking for later.
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