This is my first post in a long time. Havent really had time to sit down and do anything as of recently...until now that is.

I originally created this piece on my acoustic, then i changed it to powertab with the "acoustic (steal)" setting, then i found a piano made this song sound better so i changed it to piano which means it is not completely the same as i play it i.e. Theres no chord "appreggio ups" or vibrato'd notes. And it doesnt sound as good as it does in real life cuz powertab just doesn't. (Its not that big of a file but its 2minutes long.)

Anyways, i'd really appreciate critism, good or bad and if anyone has the time please help me out on an extension to the song because it isn't complete yet and i'm not sure where to go with it.

As the title says, Critism for Critism.

Thanks for reading/listening.
Untitled 13.zip
Soo, yeah, its pretty nice, but it got a very thin sound. Add some bass, drums, maybe a synth, or a lead. Get some more stuff in there. Nobody is interested in listening to a 5min long piano tune, unless its realy realy good. The piano can surly go on constantly for 5min, but you gotta have something else to back it up to.
Its a very nice melody, you just need some more depth.
You also need to clean up the bars. Your notes are a mess, you set them up like its a 4/2 timesig or something in a 4/4 timesig.

Anyways, crit my latest (in sig).