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Yep, post your stories here, you know you like to talk about it. (Unless it's something lethal though, that would make me sound like some kind of a douche.)

So basically, a couple of months ago, my fever spiked at 41.2 degrees Celsius, which is 106 Fahrenheit.

42 Celsius is critical level.
Damn, I didn't feel good.

I'm sure you have some!

Edit: For not knowing that "rhyme" was a song, means i haven't heard every song in this very universe, sowwy.
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I had to have my large bowel removed. Well, the ascending, transverse and descending colon, anyway. Removing the rest would have taken too long.
I had a fever of 41 or thereabout degrees when i had pneumonia
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I've been 44 degrees Celsius. We were taught in Biology at school that humans die at 40 degrees ¬_¬.
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when i was in third grade i had the stomach flu for two weeks and had a fever of 104 not pleasent

Oh I hate that. I just had it last year. It sucked.


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WHAT IS THE PIT!?!?!!!!!!?!??

I had a cold once, a long time ago

Thankfully I went on to make a full recovery!
when i was in second grade i got sick. i dont really know what i had, i never asked my mom. 105 fever, hospital stay, bathtubs full of ice cubes, the whole nine yards. it lasted for about 2 weeks, and i havent been seriously sick yet.

the scariest thing was the fever dreams
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I've had a pretty high fever. I don't recall the degree, but I was having hallucinations.

I've broken my ankle jumping off my roof. Also broke my arm through a window and my arm got some nasty cuts. Sadly I still have scars :\
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I once had a fever of 102.7 or so degrees Fahrenheit, along with dizziness and strep throat. Basically, if I stood up, I was either going to fall or vomit. Or both. I did end up throwing up on my bed.
staph infection, 6th grade, had it for like 4 mothes b4 they diagnmosed it, if they got it later, i may have died, ot at least gone to the hospital
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I'm Hot blooded, check it and see....

I've got a fever of 103

Was that rhyme intentional?
When I was first born I had to be in the hospital for two week because I had some sickness.

We'll choke on our vomit and that will be the end

We were fated to pretend
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Was that rhyme intentional?

Its a song.

We'll choke on our vomit and that will be the end

We were fated to pretend
when i was like 2 my tempurature hit 107 degrees farenheit, i was in the hospital for like 2 months afterword, i have no clue what i had but it wasnt good.
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worst I've had is the mumps. And I got sent to school with it too.

that was NOT fun but not as bad as some people.
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i had pnemonea when i was 3, was rushed into hospital and pretty much almost died.

but, i'm still alive and kicking, beat that mother****er!
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Was that rhyme intentional?

wow. just wow.
I have no opinion on this matter.
does eating chili, then having your stomach start starting to slow burn like walking in hell, and then going to the hospital to have your stomach pumped, count?
I just recently had the flu, ive still got the cough that wont go away
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Yeah you were right about me
Worst I've had is a cold from frolicking in the snow with just a t-shirt on.
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ive never been that sick, just the odd cold, but....when i was out on the piss i ended up drinkin tons of jack daniels and coke(i mean alot) and i got absolutley wasted. Got home and was sick, but the had drunk so much jd and coke it was black. How rock and role hahaha
i threw up 20 tiems once. covered it with towels. yeah, it smeeled like puke in my house for like 2 weeks.
Some fat kid fell on me and broke my arm, and then i almost threw up
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Thanks, douche.

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ive never been that sick, just the odd cold, but....when i was out on the piss i ended up drinkin tons of jack daniels and coke(i mean alot) and i got absolutley wasted. Got home and was sick, but the had drunk so much jd and coke it was black. How rock and role hahaha

i ve had that happenb before with jd, jd always comes up black ( pretty much
too much to list

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i ve had that happenb before with jd, jd always comes up black ( pretty much

i did think the next mornin that was the collest moment of the night lol
well when i first deployed i got really sick and was actually starting to have word hallucanations i cant explain it.. but i **** my pants a couple of times too.......ughhh it sucked..
Well one time in 5th grade at my afterschool camp, I kept complaining about something like a cramp. Basically, every time my heart beat I had this pain where my heart beats, which got really annoying. The supervisors, being the dumb 2 dollar an hour earning scumbags that they are, just pushed it away and told me I always complained. So this went on for hours, gradually increasing in pain every heartbeat, until I couldn't even stand, the pain was so bad.

So they finally called the emergency line, an ambulance came and drove me to the hospital, and they had to give me some pain reliever stuff for a few hours. Eventually the pain wore down on its own, all I had to do was get a few needles, then I left.
They told me I had some "heart lining" problem, at least from what I remember. Actually now that I think about it, "heart lining" problem doesn't make any sense at all, but I remember it hurt like a bitch. Basically everytime my heart beat, it would hit my ribcage T_T. Never had a pain worse than that. My dad thought I had a heartattack
Namonea(sp?) + a blood infection, almost died.
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i had 105 degree fever but never went to the hospital or anything only lasted a few days anyway
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Was that rhyme intentional?

My god, you have seriously never heard that song?
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I had pneumonia back in October. I'd been sick for a couple weeks before they even bothered to screen me for it. I had a persistent fever of about 102-103F for three days and even went to work like that. Finally went to the doctor and she sent me home with a note to take two days off from work and school. Went back to classes for a day and was still dying so mom took me back to see someone else. The doctor that did screen me only did it to humor because it didn't sound like pneumonia. Sure enough the xrays came back and it was there. I think she called it "walking pneumonia" where it'll show up on the xray but you can't hear it just by listening to the breathing. In any event I slept for four days and was back out doing my regular thing. (I've always been quick recovering anything.) Although the cough I had for about 2 months.

My mom didn't fare as well though. She caught it a couple weeks later and ended up in the emergency room at one point. She didn't recover for almost a month and a half. Dangerous stuff. We got lucky.
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