Floyd Rose discovery series 3 (with speed loader bridge)
Gibson Les paul studio
Zoom G2.1U pedal
vox valvetronix 50 watt
Dean "stack in a box" headphone amp
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A lot of people just develop a way to mute them on their own, most of the time using their fretting hand. I use palm muting though, not the best way thats for sure but I guess it help for what music I play.
Experiment using the fleshy part of your picking hand to mute the string, try and get as much of your palm to use when you mute. Also mute with your left hand index finger when ascending by using the tip of it to mute the string above it.
What kind of music do you play unforgivin?
I play metal, rock, kinda classical, blues, and some jazz.
For muting I use a combination of my index finger with a light touch, and the lower right(heel?) of my palm. If you use barre chords alot then using your index finger to mute is an easy transition.
Even when switching chord positions, I try to keep my finger(s) on the strings just to prevent the open note that no one wants.
I also rest the side of my pinky (picking hand) on the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd strings and use my pinky tip to "anchor my hand in place for those speedy, chuggity rythms as well as preventing myself from turning myself down!
If you have a Strat, or RG, you know exactly what I'm saying;]

(If you have really long hair, and are looking for new ways to mute your strings
that might be useful . )

ok now I'm being silly, hope this helps.
Cheers, and Up the Irons!!!