There is no name for it yet, this is a song from my melodeath band. Hope you like it! C4C and all that. Its in mah profile, under "faggy pants" LOL
I enjoyed it, sort of a In Flames/Dark Tranquility style. Your default pic is also very grim and frostbitten.
alright ill bite.

i like melo death and this didnt dissapoint. great vocals, they sound a bit like ensiferum.
solid riffing so far. nothing that stands out alone as a !! kickass riff!! but well played and they work well for this song.
keys are a nice touch. not really listening for lyrics but nothing is jumping out as lame or cliched. solid beat from the drummer, get him to switch it up a bit. maybe put some amon amarth style fills in occasionally. sound like a flute solo? weird but okay.
for the part at 3:30, it would sound really good if you had the first guitar playing on upstroke, second guitar playing on the downstroke. and had them panned slighty left and right.
good stuff, man.

check out my stuff? any of the top three in my sig you would probably like. newest one(thrash) is hurting for crits though. thanks!
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