I have an all mahogany Gibson les paul special (flat top no maple). It has humbuckers instead of P-90's though. It's not a faded series though, it has a normal gloss finish. I want to replace the pickups. I'm pretty sure it has the gibson 490 pickups in it now. I want to replace the pickups with something that will give me a more vintage tone and that will have better cleans. I was thinking some PAF style pickups or P-90's. I'm most interseted in the P-90's though. Whats the best humbucker sized P-90 ? I'm open to all suggestions though. I have an Epiphone Valve Junior and a Valveking. I'm thinking good clean tones and vintage crunch like Zeppelin, ACDC, Cream, etc. I don't want high output pickups, pedals and amps give me enough gain.
GFS Mean 90s and Dream 90s are supposed to be really good for the price...only 35 Bucks for a single pickup...And they are P-90 single coils wound into a humbucker shape, all different kinds of covers, they are worth checking out IMO

^Falsereasoning, surely GFS are going to be a step down from Gibbo 490s?

And it's a change to see someone not looking for bloody ultra-high-output pickups, I personally suggest the Bare Knuckle 'Black Dog' with a 'Stormy Monday' or 'PG Blues' in the neck.

EDIT: Forgot about the P90s - either the SD Phat Cat or the BK Mississipi Queen. Maybe get the RWRP neck for some phasey Peter Green-esque goodness....
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^RWRP pickups don't have diddely squat to do with phasing. Only cancelling out hum.

To mess with the phasing of a pickup, the easiest way is to swap the hot and ground wires.
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