I am off to uni in September, and want to take my marshall. It's a 50w JCM900 2x12 combo. But it's just too big. I love everything about it, bar the size. I was wondering if anyone would be up for the following...

I am looking for a JCM900 4501 - the 1x12 version of my amp, for realisticly a straight swap. Unless the amp has upgrades such as a Vintage 30 etc. If there is any interest, of which I doubt, but thought I'd give it a try, shoot me a PM etc. I'm 100% serious about this however silly it may sound. Though if I was made an offer I couldn't refuse then I'd think about selling it.

I can also upload pics/sound clips of the amp.

If there's nothing it'll be up on the 'bay so I can hopefully buy a 4501 for around the same price, maybe even make a profit.

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