I just got $300 US, and I wanna spend it all on music gear (my girl will understand haha)

Here are different things i was thinking of getting. Tell me what would be best. I couldn't really set up a poll because i could combine options.

1. Go half and half with my dad for a Gibson SG
2. Get a $300 Yamaha acoustic (mine is broken beyond repair)
3. Get a road case for my bogner head
4. Get upgrades for my home studio ($300 worth)

Whaddaya think, UG?
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wut gear do u have know?

Edit: Uhhh wut that guy said ^
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Dang. You got a pretty good amount of gear. I'd say go with the acoustic.
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Sorry i took so long to respond. I have an Epi les paul custom and fender jag HH.

So i'm torn between the acoustic and the studio stuff now. I'm both a musician and aspiring producer.
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"Swing your hips, not your fists"- Cedric Bixler Zavala
Acoustic - you got to have one laying around at all times. Period.
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It has to be the acoustic. Especially if you've got a home studio - I can spend all day long just noodling around and recording acoustic demos, and never get bored. Get a cheap decent acoustic (the Crafter D6/N is an absolute bargain) and you might have enough change for a few plugins. Or indeed, use it to take your girl out for a meal, that'll stop her complaining about the gear...