What is the prefered way of playing this run fromm Dream Theater's Overture 1928 (sorry for the messey tab not to sure how to get it correct :P)

b 9-10-9-7---------------------------------------------- |
g ------------9-7-6-9-7-6------------------------------ |
d ------------------ 9-7-6-9-7-6-----------------------|
a -------------------------------- 9-7-5-9-7-5-------- |
e -------------------------------------------- 9-7-5-9-7-|

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I'm actually in the process of learning this song too.

I haven't gotten to the solo's yet, but this is the only part that has yet to trouble me.
My stragety, using Guitar Pro. put repeats around the bar, and put it half-speed. Play it untill your completely comfortable with it at the given pace, then increase the bpm by 7-8. And just repeat it!
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Hmm, I didnt know guitar Pro had a 1/2 speed option. I dont mean to hijack, but how do you slow it down?
If you're talking about the preferred picking technique, I'd probably use strict alternate picking. Try that out as well as economy picking and see what works best for you.
Learn it in strict alternate.
Then learn it in economy picking.
Then learn it legato.
I just gave up when I tried :P haha
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Hmm, I didnt know guitar Pro had a 1/2 speed option. I dont mean to hijack, but how do you slow it down?

You can either use the option on the left to change the tempo exactly (for thing like dream theater with tempo changes this wouldn't work so well) or use thing option on the right to change it to 0.25, 0.5 or 0.75 times the original speed.

Also just to the left of the speed options there's the loop button which has a speed trainer which works pretty well but you can only go through the selected part once at each speed.
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