i was pondering thoughts of buying a hybrid and this question has come to mind, seing as it has a tube in the power section does this mean that it would be louder than a solid state of the same wattage, like a real tube amp?

Typically, yes it seems to be. Remember though that often the tube is in the preamp section, not power section. They also tend to have a little more headroom.
Everyone will tell you no. Honestly depends on what amp youre getting. Today i bought a Randall G3 Combo amp and its a hybrid. Thats not why i got it thoe. I got it because its a sick amp thats as loud as i need it to be and it has a sick tone that i like in it.

Edit: Everyone will tell you no because everyone these days is a tube amp purist and anything but tube "sux0rz". Depends on how many watts the amp is, and dont get the amp JUST because its hybrid. make sure you like it for the tone and sound.
Actually they usually have tubes in the pre-amp section and the power amp is all solid state. The theory being that the solid state power amp is just going to just amplify the tube pre-amp section...so you get tube sound with the less expensive solid state power amp. That's the theory anyway, some do it better than others.

My limited experience with them is that they seem more powerful because they are putting out a warmer, fuller sound. In reality I don't see how there could be any difference.
0h my mistake hahha now i see.

and i was also looking at the randall G3 hyrbirds, or as randall says "valve dynamic"
A hybrid like the Fender Super Champ XD with it's tube power section will sound louder than a SS amp of the same wattage. But something like a 30W Valvetronix won't be any louder than any other 30W SS amp, everything else being equal.
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it probably will b e alitttle louder because of how the whole tubes vs solid state volume thing
Im not sure, but i remember reading that...
The reason tubes sound louder is because they have more frequency content. If you throw a tube with your solidstate, youre adding some frequency content (maybe it was harmonics?), henceforth making it louder.
Im not sure though.
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Hang on, there are two types of 'hybrid' amp. Most modern ones stick a small 12AX7 valve or two in the preamp, which is little more than a gimmick - preamp tubes make only a tiny bit of differnce and certainly won't affect the amp's output volume. Examples include the Vox AD series and the woeful Marshall AVT.

A rarer type of hybrid is the other way round; a valve output section with a solid-state or digital preamp shaping the tone. These count as proper 'valve amps', since the power section is what defines the guitar's feel and dynamics. The preamp is essentially an ultra-complicated EQ which shapes the tone.
Some that spring to mind are the Atomic Reactor 112 (which uses a POD or similar in place of a normal preamp section) and Peaveys such as the Mace series.