Hi all,

I know this is more than likely not possible to do my cheap set up, but when recording my acoustic guitar with Audacity, it is very hard to hear on playback without cranking up the speakers and/or gain. This causes horrible "noise" in the background, and if I try to layer two tracks down forget about it, it is untolerable. Part of this may be to recording through a cheap Radio Shack kind of microphone, or maybe most of it is because of this, but I was wondering if I am missing some way to cut down the noise, or if this is a common problem. I was also wondering if the microphone is the main reason for this problem.

Thanks in advance.
umm, just normalize the track.

come to think of it that might not help alot, but try it!
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The problem is either your microphone or the way its connected to your computer. Your computer's soundcard, assuming you aren't using an audio interface, will not have good A/D (analog/digital) converters and will do a poor job of tracking a good sound. Then again your mic might be the problem, or even a combination of the two. Is there anything you can do? You might be able to eliminate some of the unwanted noise with an EQ reduction. Activate an EQ strip, use a high Q (5-8) and a -12dB setting and scan the frequencies until you find the root of the unwanted noise. Once you've found it you can adjust the volume and width of the segment you want to remove.
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Thanks guys. I will give all these suggestions a try tomorrow and let you know how they turn out.