I was looking to start playing bass, on account of I'm pretty good at guitar and violin basses look pretty cool, so I was thinking about this one:


I know SX basses are popular, but I can't seem to find anything on douglas, and once again, I think Violin basses look cool.
I'm really not high on these kinds of basses. They're very archaic in their design, and that short scale isn't going to do favours for anybody. Poorly adjustable bridge. Massive head-dive. Muddy tone with flats and clacky tone with rounds.

And that's the $3000 Hofner version.

Add poor construction and low quality materials and you have yourself a dire piece.
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I was looking to start playing bass, on account of I'm pretty good at guitar

Cool that you're trying bass, but don't fall under the impression that guitar skill will help you tons.

If you're really really into a violin bass, Rogue makes one..I KNOW ROGUE SUCKS but this bass is economic as hell and plays pretty for the money. It was on sale for hella cheap too from MF, idk if it still is.
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Short scale basses always feel like they have loose strings to me.
DONT buy short scale. it sounds odd, and you'll have trouble playing full scale basses.
get an Ibanez or Squier or Fender. they may not look as cool, but you'll have nice tone, and won't be embarassed when you play someone elses bass.
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