I am buying this amp. Got a question: With my friends Peavey JSX he took out a couple tubes so it wasn't so loud. Can i do this with the 6505? Will it kill my tone? His tone is still gnarly it didnt really have an effect.

Yeah you can do it without killing your tone. I think you gotta pull the right tubes though. Just wait until someone who knows what their talking about to give their input before you start pulling tubes.
Yeah...I would strongly suggest getting someone who knows what their talking about. It's something about the tubes working in pairs, so you have to pull certain ones.
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I'm 95% sure you pull the two outer power tubes, but don't try that until you get confirmation.
I know it won't make that much of a difference at bedroom volumes, but for gigging and band practise, it let's the amp hit it's "Sweet spot" at a lower volume

EDIT: On top of that, I'm also 95% sure it will affect the resistance of your head. So I think a 16 ohm head with 2 power tubes pulled needs an 8 ohm cab...
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