It's grown time that I really need to get a new acoustic, my very cheap Epiphone just isn't cutting it anymore. I've got about $800, however, I would rather not spend it all on a guitar. I want to at least have some money left over to take the girlfriend out to a nice dinner and maybe a movie?

What are your suggestions, I dont' really know a lot about acoustic. Thanks
There are hundreds of threads like this. Just browse through a few pages until you find your price range.
Sincerely, Chad.
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Get an ovation, they have extremely nice acoustic/electrics. The elite series or something.
^ He's got the right idea. I second his post. All of those are great choices.

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i also agree with gerome. the alvarez masterworks and epiphone masterbilt series are excellent guitars around your price range. if you give a bit more exact information about how much you are willing to spend, we can give you better suggestions.
It really does depend what sort your after. Electro-acoustic? You can get some good tanglewoods, crafter and stuff. Pure acoustic? Dreadnought style? It really depends what makes you feel comfortable.

Go to a local shop, play a bunch of acoustics, when you find one you like, search the net and get it cheaper.
I recently bought a Cort SF-5 (UK and Eire only) and I have to say I'm impressed, it's an electro acoustic, solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides, sounds great