I'm about to buy a new Jackson (over ebay, so I cant play it first) with a Schaller trem, but I have question first. Does having a trem usually make the strings farther away from the fretboard than having somehting like a tuneomatic bridge does? I was playing a Jackson Dinky (USA made model too, so It either had an OFR or a good Schaller), and It just seemed like the strigns were farther away form the fretboard than alot of other guitars with regular bridges, as if the action was really high. Now I dont know if the action on the Dinky was high because I dont have experience with Floyds or Schallers and I cant tell by looking, and the guitar just might not have been set up good because it was a floor model and has been there for awhile. I'm thinking that it just wasnt set up good, because I hear that the higher end Jacksons are able to have really really low action without any fret buzz, so I dont know. Anyone thats got an answer or something useful to say, it'd be appreciated.

I forgot to mention, the guitar I'm buying is a Jackson RR Professional (the Japan made models) with a Jt590 trem, in case it makes a difference.
Was it polemically sent,
I Wanna know what you meant
I Wanna know,
I Wanna know what you meant
It was probably just that guitar, the JS 1000 (has a floyd) had UBER low action.
and yes, the USA soloists also have uber low action.
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