Ok ive been seriously considering selling my two mid-level guitars, a jackson kelly ke3 and this random neck-thru super strat shape guitar that i got for 150 bucks from a friend.

The kelly has a few dings on it but it is in relatively good shape. It has chrome hardware and a licensed floyd rose with the red crimson swirl finish. I used it to play metal to i changed the bridge pickup from the stock duncan design to a emg81. I have a hardshell case to go along with it. If i were to sell this how much could i expect? USD

Also i have my neck-thru unknown brand. It has gold hardware and has i beleive a satin finish ( you can see through it and see the wood) It is in almost perfect condition. It sounds awesome, much better than the kelly, the only problem is that the floyd rose on it seems to be cheap and it doesnt work well. The guitar tech that is closest to my house said that he isnt really doesnt have the experience to check out the floyd and find out whats wrong with it and there is no other guitar tech close to here. I was told that for a guitar like this from a brand it would be around 700 bucks but considering the faulty rose im thinking around 500-600.

This being said if the guitars are sold i plan to buy a new guitar. I think i want another strat shape (not a strat), like ibanez and such but im not sure. Im also very interested in Vs but since i like to play sitting some times only RR models would apply. I DO NOT want another floyd rose because i will not have 2 guitars and i change tuning alot. I would prefer a string-thru model for sustain and because i like the way they look :P. Im also open to any other shape that is "sit down" friendly. I play metal: thrash, melodeath, death metal and so on as well as some solo stuff sort of like steve vai tone. So im estimating about 1000 for the guitar depending on how much the other two sell for. Anything 100 +- of 1000 is acceptable as well as i have some cash that i may be able to put in