EDIT: Just kidding. I think it's fine, but I don't.

Another EDIT: I rest the middle of my forearm on the body of the guitar.
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If another guitarist saw you do it.. hed kill you.. quickly delete this thread before someone sees and reports you to the guitar gods!

No but seriously, i dont anchor with my pinky. I just.... pick really fast, with either my hand not touching the bridge, or if i wanna palm mute/chug some tremolo... i put my hand on the bridge. no pinky involved

or basicaly...

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EDIT: Just kidding. I think it's fine, but I don't.

Another EDIT: I rest the middle of my forearm on the body of the guitar.

what he said
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go for it

its your syle of playing right?
why would you care as long as you can do it and preferrably comftorbly do it
then why bother asking?
I do it, it's nice.
Gets you an unfair boost on stamina hehe
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
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Nah, in all seriousness I don't think it really matters.
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if it works, do it
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NO!!!! You must use the correct hand placement.

seriously though, play however feels right to you. There's no reason to try to learn something new, that could deter your progress.
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its fine, i have a friend who thinks its the only way to do it. i dont anchor, i pick with closed fingers, and hes always like "get some lessons and learn how to anchor"
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Well, anchoring is good enough for Yngwie Malmsteen and, whether repetitive or not, you can't deny his speed and skills.
most of my tremelo picking is plam-muted so i automatically have to be anchored
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I don't do it, because it doesn't sound as clear when I anchor.
It really is a matter of preference though.
I think it's easier to not anchor anything when i tremelo pick i just find it easier, i guess its preference.
No its okay. I dont do it but a lot people do.

Also, Search bar, or just check the electric guitar forum.
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If you want to get really technical about it..

1. Grab sticks.
2. Bang sticks on drums.

^how to play drums.

it increases the chances of injury and you can get the same/better results without anchoring. I personally can't see the appeal of it. But go for whatever you want.
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