i have a 1985 Charvel with a kahler trem on it--the neck does not have locks on it.

im thinking about replacing the neck with one that has tuning locks on it, so that i can use the kahler like i use a floyd rose

my only question is if the kahler can be used like a floyd-in terms of divebombing, etc.
there are no springs, and it was factory mounted on the body

heres a pic:
2300 series



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I've got a lock that mounts directly to the headstock and mounts right after the nut. It's very old and it worked very well. I went looking on the internet for something like it for you so you wouldn't have to buy a whole neck, but I don't think they make it any more. You may want to try to find something like that.
I have an old Kahler from the 80's, and it bombs just fine. Kahler's are also way more user friendly than a Floyd.