I like inflames type of sound. What are some good pickups? I only play metal! Thanks
Dimarzio X2N or Super Distortion

I've owned both, and they're both great, but the X2N is just a monster. It will tear your face off and wipe it's ass with it.
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Be careful with super high output pickups - more often it's better to have a normal-ish output in terms of a pickup, and compensate with an amp more geared towards metal. In Flames has a decent amount of gain, but they maintain clairty to be able to hear all the notes clearly despite the speed they play at. If you use a super high gain pickup and crank the amp, you'll muddle your sound and your tone will go down the toilet.

TO answer, though - I use a DiMarzio Evoultion, and it rips well enough. Good mid range cut and punch, which In Flames has on a number of their albums, and it maintiains good signal clarity. Use the amp to do the rest - I've got a Peavey XXX.
ya in flames uses emg pups and im almost certain they use the 81/85 combo. that being said i think that seymour duncans are a better way to go for more tone