i need to write a new song and dont know what to write about. i can get the lyrics, but not the theme... could some one give me a few ideas...

Please give DUMB/PURVERTED ideas and SERIOUS!!!!!!(nothin bout SEX but anythin else is great!!!)
Thank you in advance...
writing about an experience is always a great way, but you might already realise that and insist on more ideas so you could write a song about someone you admire, a TV show, a movie, etc

those are just ideas. use them if you need to
I usually just open up a newspaper or a magazine, and find just a random topic to write about. It usually always works, and I will always find something good.
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If you can get lyrics but no theme then I sir commend you.

Usually we writers have a theme but can't find the words.

However, to find the inspiration which you desire, I suggest you live a little/ go out, do things, watch LOADS of movies, read LOADS of books, no crappy reality television, and write.

And grow some balls so you write without thinking about what people may say about it.
If you're writing death/black metal or grindcore lyrics, watch some cheap slasher movies and a couple episodes of Cold Case files. Thats usually were i get my themes.