Hey, well my band is just starting off and I'm going to need a new amp. I've only been playing seriously for a couple years, but I have made TONS of progress.. I'm really embarassed to say that my one and only amp is a 10 watt Randall. I tried to use it at practice, but it sounds like absolute crap, of course. So, I need suggestions on a new amp. I need it to be good for playing at home, and for small - medium sized gigs.

I need an amp that can play METAL! I play lots of heavy stuff in drop d, I want something that can play grindcore, thrash, etc.

**Budget is $500

Here is what I'm looking at so far:

*Spider Valve 1x12 40W Combo Tube Amp $320 (used 1 month old from friend)
*Peavey Windsor Studio 1x12 15W Combo Tube Amp $400
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if u have the money a peavey 6505 is the way to go
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Take a look at the Peavey Valve King 112 or the 212.
Ordering one myself today.

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