hi i'm now trying to refret my guitar and i need to know the type of glue use to glue down the fretwire. thanks in advance
You dont use glue.....they are pressed in. There is a special tool to install them so it applies equal pressure to all parts. You can also lightly hammer (using a plastic or rubber hammer) the frets in.
Not a metal hammer it will just tear up the fret wire. Its way better if inexperienced to press em in.
can i wrap the hammer with a piece of cloth so that it does not tear the frets? btw its a small hammer size of a 9v battery
The head is about the size ov a 9v, but make sure to use one with a plastic head. If you insist on gluing them in, don't use epoxy resin! Use a woodglue like Elmer's. That way, if you need to pull them up in the future, you could use the steam method to soften the glue for removal.

It will still be a metal hammer. Metal wont give when you hit the fret wire and the fret wire is softer so it will give, means dents. A rubber or plastic mallet can be had at an auto parts store or hardware store. Last rubber mallet I bought was less than 5 bucks.
1. Look up how to do it properly at FRETS

2. If you don't have a plastic mallet, use a small hardwood block or dowel, work from one end of the fret to the other. Support the neck under the area you hammer. Tap lightly. The fret wires need to be curved to the approximate radius of the fretboard first. A special tool is used by pros for this.

DO NOT use glue, if you don't trash out the fret slots removing the old ones they should be tight enough to hold without glue. If glue is necessary it's not good but a dribble of super glue will work.

Refretting is a job for someone with some experience, I've been doing all my own maintenance and repairs for 20 years and still won't tackle frets. Unless you really know what you're doing, take it to a pro. I do...
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actualy epoxy works well and is easy to move with the $7 epoxy bond remover
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