Has anyone heard of the Dsound GT Player? I am recording some songs but all the recordings only play for my left headphone speaker. What do I do? The recording device is M-Audio.
easy.. it may be because the track is in MONO try look for that word and change it to stereo ... or it may be panned to the left
hmmm... to make the sound more clearer u would have to equalize the sound... there should be an equalizer part in it somewhere... but for the panning im not sure where they have placed it in that program because i havent used it before but none the less try use the help section and type in panning and or stereo mono

see if that helps if not ill download the program and try figure it out my self lol best of luck
Ok. I fixed it. For those who want to know, you go to mode and make sure it is in a good solid mode (mine is Rock). Then you go to edit and press right, not stereo.

New question: How do I change the title and put who its by in the sound file signature? Also how do I change the WAV to MP3?

how exactly are you recording it? and what do you mean by clearer?
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the GT player isnt that great from what ive used. i only have the demo though. its nice for just getting ideas down and stuff, but i wouldnt really use it for recording a full song because you cant really mix stuff.

however, ill move this to riffs and recordings.
Ok. What about Pro Tools M-Powered 7? How could I modify my WAV sound recordings using that? Tell me about this program.
Yeah, GT Player is best left as a VST for your guitar tracks. As a VST I actually enjoyed playing with it. The stand alone that you run outside of recording software is pretty pointless.

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