Ok, I have a friend at school who is selling his Boss GT-8 to me for only 100 bucks because he needs the money! (Mint Con) I was wonder if i should buy it? I mostly play Eric Johnson, AC/DC, EVH, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and Hendrix.

My other questions are could I get an amp that John Mayer uses in the amp models? I think he plays a Victoria, like Clapton. And my other noob question is when you use the dual amp feature on the GT-8, do you have to have two amps or does it make your amp sound like two amps?

Heck yes man who cares even if you don't like it you can resell it for 300 bucks
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^ it'll go down in price because the gt-10 will come out but 100$ is an ok price try to haggle him some more say the gt-10 is coming out.
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$100 is a killer deal. If you try to talk him down you deserve to lose it. The dual amp feature has nothing to do with the amp you play it back on. It allows you to switch between amp models on the fly. Even dynamically based on picking attack.
That is quite some deal, because the GT-10 is coming out the GT-8s will be going down. I say you should get it. Try and find Two_String's GT-8 thread. There's a lot of useful info in there.