Alrighty, so in my industrial arts class, my teacher said i could bring in my guitar use their tools and refinish my guitar and stuff. I got lots of questions.

Sanding Steps:
1. Take all hardware off
2. Use 50 grit sand paper and sand off until the wood starts to come though,
3. Then use 120 grit to remove the last paint particles.
4. Use 180 to get it smoooth
5. 600 grit to finish it off.

Painting Steps: (Alright now i want to use this spray paint its like color shifting)
1. Spray the primer on (3) coats
2. Spray the Color (6 coats)
3. Spray the gloss finish (3)

Instrutor said i could do this hand gloss thing where i spreading the gloss with my hand and get it reall really shiny.

Is that all i gotta do ?

Alright, not my guitar is like a fender strat, the pickups arent the greatest, now of corse im into metal, what are good single coil metal pickups. Thanks.
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look at duncans
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What kind of wood is the body? You may have to apply pore filler to make sure that the primer and paint will adhere properly. Single-coil metal pickups.....thats a toughy. I'd recommend using stacked humbuckers. They'll fit into the existing cavities but will give you a fuller sound, also less noise (always a plus) unless you've got your heart set on single-coils. In which case I can't recommend a particular p-up but can, and will, recommend a noise gate.
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