how do i shave the hair in between my eyebrows as its getting to be a monobrow and i kinda dont wanna use a razor cause then it might get bthe sides of my brows so how would you guys reccomend?
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pluck them?

this man knows his hair.

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use a razor, that's what the real men do (stupid unibrow) that's what I do to get rid of it, but it comes back about every 2 weeks
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Lawl at the tank.

Pluck em i'd think shaving would make the hair come back even quicker next time..
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pluck or wax. don't shave. you know the way facial hair comes back thicker after shaving.

meh It appears I'm wrong. I'd still go with the waxing/plucking.
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I thought it was a myth that it goes back faster, but it actually does grow back thicker, doesn't it? My facial hair was scraggly as **** before I started shaving, but maybe it thickens naturally?