Hey I've had my guitar for about 6 months or so and my pickups are starting to rust is there anything I can do to stop this and will it really effect my guitars sound that much?
ive never gotten the rust off pickups before, because i usually clean my gear before it gets that bad.

tisk tisk...

Reccomend any cleaning products then?
It could be the climate, New Zealand is a pretty humid place.
maybe you could get those cobalt pickups or whatever. but maybe not. idk. it seems like you probably have crappy pickups.
How the deuce do you get rust on your pups?
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How the deuce do you get rust on your pups?

well i mean it happens, but i dont expect it to happen in 6 months unless you like...idk breathe on your pickups or wash them down before everytime you play and forget to wipe them off...idk... it just doesn't sound right unless you have really crappy pickups. buy stainless magnet pickups.