Well, i am soon to be coming upon a healthy sum of money which i will put towards guitars.
I've already decided that i'm gonna be purchasing a tube amp for gigging and stuff(hopefully a used JCM800 but possibly a Peavy Classic 30 or something like that) and i am looking towards new guitars, one for different tunings and sounds.
I already have a Les Paul, which is great for a lot of the music i play.
The way i see it, i have a few options on the type of guitar i should get:
A metal machine, with a thin, fast neck for shredding (Jackson or something like that)
A guitar with single coils for that lovely twang or (Fender obviously)
A semi-hollow guitar for that wonderfully unique full, tone (Sheraton? Artcore?)

My question is this: What type of guitar should i look at for the future?
Jacksons are not just for metal, you culd change the pickups if you needed to.

and if you want a single coil get a guitar in a S/S/H configuration
jazz is fun. i would go for a wyldkat or one of those katz by epiphone. they're nice and the trems hold tune pretty well for not being floyds. also, they sound great for just about anything. but don't forget, no insanely high gain. remember, feedback, buddy.
HSS machine and you have a shredder that will have strat tones as well.
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