After the end of this year, im going to stop cutting my hair. In other words, im going to grow it out. Any of you dudes with long hair have any tips on anway to grow it, cut it, take care of it, etc. Any input is welcome. Thanks.

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search bar, there's a HUGE hair thread.
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use specific shampoos and conditioners desigend for your hair type

sounds girly but it will help you grow it out a lot faster
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get it trimmed every 3 months or so to get rid of split ends and keep it growing. Use conditioner after you shampoo.
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get it trimmed every 3 months or so to get rid of split ends and keep it growing. Use conditioner after you shampoo.

True...True....And also, if you decide to straighten your hair once it gets long enough, be careful not to burn your hair....Cuz burnt hair is not good. For anyone.....It smells up the room when it happens....If you don't believe me, just set your arm hair on fire, and that's pretty much what burnt hair from a straightener smells like.
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yea like every one else has said, get it trimmed every now and then, so it doesn;t look to ****ty
if you want conditioner will help
oh yea, make sure u shower regularly and wash ur hair
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