This may get graphic, but I need help.

For a couple of months I have felt bloated kinda and would get full pretty fast while eating. Then, about 3 weeks ago, my poo started to be really loose and have a weird color. About 2 weeks ago, I had diarrhea and now have had it on and off. After I eat a meal, I have to go the bathroom pretty fast. And I've been noticing little globs of whitish stuff that's kinda like mucus. And thin narrow pieces of poop. I haven't had a regular turd in weeks! And I have lots of gas as well.

I went to the doctor, and I had to do a stool test. I should be getting the results soon.
lmao what do you expect us to say? At least you went to the doctor.
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i think some guy raped u while u were sleeping and came in ur ass. it explains everything
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Yeah, I'm afraid it's worms or some kinda paraiste. I think I almost vomited digging in my poo for my stool test. The thought of worms inside me makes me even more sick feeling! Anyone know what to do?!
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You went to the doctor and THEN asked the pit?

That's like winning the lottery and then going out and robbing a bank.
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If you feel a little sick after you eat it may be your gallbladder. If you have a big ol' stone in there it can cause symptoms not unlike what you describe. Go see your doctor please. You don't want to wait this out if that's indeed the cause.

The gallbladder holds bile that is added to the food you eat while it's being digested. Bile emulsifies Fats making it easier for your body to deal with it. If you have a blockage (stone) it forces your body to pass large amounts of fat right out the exit. You can have all kinds of symptoms from it like nausea after meals, diapoopy, light colored p00p, abdominal pain, etc, etc, etc. You need an abdominal ultrasound to rule out gall stones....and an amylase/lipase/CBC blood test. But what the hell do I know anyway?

P.S. Sux 2 B U

Good luck
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But its not to bad because when it comes out it splashes all of the water back up my bum, so I dont have to wipe

I had an epic reply to this, but thinking about it I didn't really need too and could have just replied with this:

I'm not a doctor, but im pretty sure those signs are symptoms of AIDS.
Sucks for you man.
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I also have poop problems. My poop comes out in more of a bunch of plops instead of just one nice slide.

But its not to bad because when it comes out it splashes all of the water back upen

You sicken meeee
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Well you haven't answered my questions, but if you say yes to them, then theres a chance you got worms....
Also....you said the stool test...you mean they took your poop? If thats a yes, they're probably checking you for worms