I am about to buy an amp but can't diecide what to buy out of the choices i have.

Peavey 6505 Plus Half Stack

Peavey Triple XXX Half-Stack

Marshall JCM800 2203KK and 1960A

Line 6 Vetta II Half-Stack

I play Metal and budget is under U.S. $3000.
how about none of those?

for under 3k you can get some pretty sick amps, check out rivera, diezel, mesa, soldano, vht
There are much better amps than the ones you suggested...
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Yeah, seriously look into amps like Mesa, VHT, Engl, and the such. All of those amps are a like in everyway, but different tones. You could get much better for that price. Check out Engl Powerballs, Mesa Mark series or Rectifier series. Much better for metal and in your spending range.
ENGL Fireball/Powerball/Invader.
Laney GH50L/GH100L/VH100R (great line of amps, IMO)
Mesa Rectos
Or find a 5150.
6505 doesn't compare.

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Of those that are listed I'd veer more towards the XXX, but I personally wouldn't go for any of them, especially considering the budget.

By a $3000 budget is that simply for a head and cab? Or is that for an entire rig? What other things will be used with your stack (effects, processors, switchers, etc)? Are you willing to consider a "top of the line" 212 instead of a mid-level 412?

Your listed amp choices aren't really consistent in that the Marshall is a single channel geared almost exclusively toward high gain tones versus things like the Line6 which has more tonal options than it has tone in the first place.

If you need versatility, consider things like the Traynor YCS100H, a versatile, high quality 3 channel head that sounds fantastic and isn't bad on the wallet. If you only need a high gain single channel, consider things like the Soldano Avenger, which has one of the best overdriven tones I've ever heard in my life.
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oops forgot to mention i'm a guitar with the $3000.

Hmm...Maybe i'll try the engl's and Mesa's at my local shop then.
Maybe it was the 5150 is better than the 5150 II or something...
I remember one of the 5150/6505 was better than another 5150/6505.
I know little about Peavey's.
They do kick ass though.
The Valveking and the XXX are good, and the original 5150 was amazing for hard rock/metal tones.

So you want a guitar and amp for $3000, for metal?
Jackson's make some nice affordable little things (DK2M comes to mind)
Also Ibanez, Schecter and higher class BC Rich's (NJ or NT) are good.
Then, for amps, my favourites would be ENGL or Laney.
But it depends on what YOU want YOUR tone to be like.

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i was looking at a Ibanez S520EX and a Peavey xxx .

or Maybe

ESP LTD viper 400 and a Peavey 6505
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