Should I get one? I can get one brand new for about $350, is it worth it? Are they good? I haven't really heard much talk about them, and what I have heard says they kind of suck..

I have several choices of the colour, all are just plain black, red, etc. with white pick-guard, but I think I'll go for the one odd one out, plus I like this particular colour for a guitar, anyways..

Yeah telecaster are sick man
I'm more of a les paul man myself, but if i were to get a second guitar, i'd definitely look at a tele
@hell monkey - I'd go for a Les Paul for my main guitar, too, I love them (well, the look, I've never played one)..

See, I don't play many different guitars, and I'm not exactly rich I had to save up forever just to get the $350 for this guitar, both my guitars I've got now are really 'cheap' (even though they sound pretty darn good) I got one for $100 and the other for $200, and I've only got little 30-watt amps for them, so I want my next guitar to be a real knock-out, just not super-expensive..
I would, very nice sounding guitars. Just wouldnt be great for metal though
ive been thinking of getting a Tele
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I'm not really a metal kind of person (I listen to alot of metal), I'm more rock/prog
would more than likely suit your style than. For $350 you cant really go wrong
for color id go w/ butterscotch w/ a black pickguard
Without spiritual mentoring, too much freedom can lead to the soul's decay
- Prince
I don't have much choice on the colour.

Of from what I can choose I've got Red, Blue (both with white pickguard), black (white pickguard), and basically the exact same one from that picture.

I would choose black, but I've already got a plain jet black guitar (w/ no pickguard) so I don't want another black one, I want a different one.
i would go w/ the black one than
Without spiritual mentoring, too much freedom can lead to the soul's decay
- Prince
I have a mexican standard tele ($400) and I perfer it to the majority of my friends' guitars (most are over $1000).
For instance, I even got my friend to admit that his Musicman Axis ($1500) didn't have as good clean/blues sound than my tele. He also said mine played better. Ha!
Teles are the best guitars ever in my opinion. Keep in mind I don't play any metal...
Fender products generally don't suck, but the Tele has a distinctive single-coil bite and twang that might not suit your style. I prefer the 'burst to the solid colors too.
There is nothing wrong with a tele, that is for sure. They were the first mass produced electric guitar according to another thread I read recently. 1952 or 1953 I believe was the first model year.

Now think of all of the technological advances since 1953... Makes you think doesn't it? That is my way of saying, yes, it is worth it.