They're great guitars if you can't afford an American one. They're only $429.99 at musiciansfriend.com, though ...
You can probably find one for cheaper than that.

Anyways, it's a great axe.
It's been said. Great guitar, especially for the money. Also, good enough quality that if down the road you want to start customizing it it's actually worth the money.

That being said get it on MF...it's cheaper and new.
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it's a great guitar, but I got mine used in IMMACULATE condition for 300. granted that's a deal, but that price seems steep.

If you want a great player and reliable as all hell, go with a mim strat. you could put american pickups in it and BAM! presto! an american strat, and you still have 1500 bucks that you saved!
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MIM strats (made in mexico) are great for anything! get it and you won't regret it!
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That one is already at $500 with days to go. Odds are it's going to way over the going rate for MIM Strats.
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I got my fender mexican tele at guitar center for $325. Great deal.
I think mexican ones are awesome. MIA is always gonna be a little bit nicer, but in my opinion not nice enough to make up for the $600 extra. A mexi tele (or strat) with a pickup upgrade will be a cheap way to get close to a MIA tele (or strat).
I like my MIM Strat but I think I made a mistake in getting the rosewood fretboard. In retrospect the maple fretboard would have been a brighter choice. Easily upgradable but quite capable with stock pick-ups.
Just buy a new one. They not bad guitars. $500 for a MIM Strat is ridiculous in my opinion, especially a chipped one.
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Thats from a site in New Zealand thus the high price...
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I love mine, i got it for 300 on Ebay. It is a very versatile guitar with plenty of tonal range
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I live in new zealand, It's very expensive. a brand new maxican stra cost about over $1000+. Which is about $800 USD.
Yeah I was just about to mention that that's a new zealand site, took people a while to pick that up.

But yes, MIM strats are very good guitars, though I would prefer to try it out in person as there are variables between individual guitars. I've played MIM strats that I absolutely love and ones that I didn't like at all. I bought one from a store and I love it, the one I bought online I got a great deal on but when it came I wasn't happy with it.
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