wow, lots of people putting up trip hop stuff here recently.
ill give this a try
first one
nice enough beat. sounds a little distorted though. boost up the bass line, its barely noticeable.
nice solo here. what effects are you useing here? im guessing a whole lot of reverb, turn that down a bit, it muddies up your playing on the faster parts.
playing seems fine. solo is a bit repetitive at first. descending bit at 1:10ish seems abit out of sync. other than that, nice job. sorta generic, vary your beat, tempo, key, whatever to make the different parts stand out more.

the guitar melodies are pretty quiet. they are the most intersting part of the song, you might as well be able to hear them. the drums could be a little "busier" especially on the parts where its just them playing. your harmonizing guitar paerts sound a bit weird but nothing obviously out of key. i liked the first one more.

crit some of mine? links to my threads are below in my sig. interested in hearing about the new thrash riff one, but the Exotica link may be more your style.
I've heard some of your stuff diablo man and it's all very solide.Some very good rhythmic work and some nice sabbath randy rhoades style riffs.