Hey guys check this out


its kind of opethy-nilish-death metal kinda stuff...my rythem guitarist bassist and drummer didnt help at all cause they think we should only record once a month :\ anyways its a solo effort by me and just let me know what you guys think. Excuse the **** quality.

Oh yea and the songs called project1
ill crit as i listen here.

nice acoustic strumming here. not a very strong rhythm though. a harder hitting beat makes recording a lead over top much easier. nice lead.
the tremolo picked part is cool but it really suffers from not having the drums behind it. seem to go off time occasionally through out. cool riff around the 3 minute mark. tone wise i would boost your mids a bit, and record with the volume higher, it helps your tone a lot.
the last melodic solo,/rhythm switch off part is cool, but again goes off time occasionally.
well as a song recording, not so good. but i think this would all come together well once you get the rest of your band to back you up. potential is there.

crit me back? links to my threads are below in my sig, if you wouldnt mind checking out the first one (thrash). thanks!
Alright thanks for the input i just need to get my **** together :P (in the process of critiquing you)
hmmmm its interesting. There are a few parts that go way off time and others where it sounds like a note was picked too many times. It also sounds like your picking really hard, because i can hear it coming thorough the recording. I think if you went a little lighter at it, it would sound better. Overall its not terrible and there are some decent ideas there but it needs some work. Also everything diablo_man said seems to be right on the mark. Keep it up and post some mre when you got it Cheers
rythem could have been better...the soloing ideas were pretty cool, i like your tone and style. deffinately is a good start!
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as other people have said you go out of time sometimes, the guitar work is gd and techincally interesting but the rythm of the backing lets the whole song down as it gets pretty boring and repetitive however i think a bassist drummer and maybe singer would add what is needed to this song, i donno if anyones else has mentioned this but up your mids and volume to improve your tone overall gd job and keep up the gd work i like your other song btw

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Thanks for the input guys, im working on the rythem and am in the process of recruiting a drummer and bassist but i do have a half assed singer
criting as i listen:

I like the solo part along with the acoustic...maybe add a little bit of a harmoney in some of the notes? would sound awesome i think

Project 1 really reminds me of opeth or something which is a good thing maybe get some palm muting on the go or something during your down picking part in the middle but some nice riffs there they kinda remind me of soulfly which IMO is also a good thing

BTW: i record using a shure sm-57-> M-Audio DMP3-> audiophile converter card-> audacity
The one thing i can say is: take it easy on the picking/strumming. What a lot of guitarists don't know is that the strings don't really need to be hit that hard to vibrate. It'll give you a cleaner, crisper sound overall. Sometimes, when you hit a string REALLY too hard, it goes out of tune just because you've blasted it.

The ideas here are headed in a good direction. With some better recording equipment (i know it can't really be helped) it could sound pretty decent.

The other thing... when trying to write original material, don't TRY to sound like another band. Your goal should be to take techniques and styles from those bands you like, and incorporate them into your own playing. If it ends up coming out like another band sounds, then theres not much that can be done about that haha.

Good job overall, take a minute to crit mine?

Oh yeah definatly i usually just let it rip, im working on criting yours bro btw thanks for all the crit-age ppl
Very well written. There is a bit of a problem with your rhythm which have already been said, this can be easily fixed with a drummer though.
And your attack on the strings, well i'm a fan of softer attack, it's just personal preference though so it's not much of a problem.

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type as i listen

maybe try recording with a louder volume?i can hear your picking :-D

try and defenitly add a more defenititve melody, rather than a straight solo in the beginning.

pretty good palying though with the solo, maybe some harmony woulda been cool too.

try and get a drum program, maybe like beatcraft or use fruity loops or something (or play along with a metrenome?)

some of the transitions seemed strange, maybe cause it was hard to envision without drums or something, drums could make this song very interesting. i like the riff at around 3 pretty cool.

like said before, rhythm seems pretty random, use some drums. after a wheile it seems kinda random, then again that might be because of the strange rhythm going on. make it tighter, and itd be alot better

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors