Well I have this bass that I got for 20 bucks, its a squire p bass from 2001, made in china, and i when i got it, everything was falling apart, so I took it upon myself, to junk all the electronics, and pick guard and start over from scratch, wiring and everything. How would I go about doing this, I also might revamp it with a spiffy paint job or something I dunno, I just want a good playing, and looking bass...on a budget of course. Is it easy to rewire a bass assuming you have the wiring diagram? thanks for your time.


Would it be worth my time to fix it up or should I just junk it?

So basically I have a bass with no pick guard, pick ups, or anything electronic, *except for this one wire protruding from the body, in the crevice where the electronics go near the bridge* and i was wondering how expensive and laborious it would be to fix it up.
play it acousticly and make sure you can set it up so you can play it comfortably. I'm not sure what a new pickup will cost you, but the pickguard will be around $15, the pots and input jack and stuff like that will be relatively cheap, probly 5-10 dollars. If you know how to solder and as long as you have the right schematics, wiring it up shouldn't be a problem. On my profile, I have some pics of a guitar I fixed up, and if you are anyhting like me, you will enjoy your bass because it is a result of you're hard work to make it how you want it, so I would say go ahead and fix it up.
Pickups in general are kind of expensive for a p bass. I've seen p basses for $119 used.


Luckily theres another route


Look here for wiring stuff


Bass setup


Ebay also has some good deals




I hope all this helps, let us know how it goes

Oh, and if you decide to junk it I'll take it and pay for shipping
Might take me a few months though lol.
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Thanks for that, this will be a fun spring break project. And well the strings are off now, but I played it before when they were on and it played alright. I figured I could set it up good after its fixed.
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My guitars-
Ibanez RX-40 (Had it since I was six lol )
A spanish classical guitar
definitely do it. i Just replaced the pickups in my modded P Bass yesterday (I used the Quarterpounders by Seymour Duncan... Ballin'! )... total time it took was like... 15 minutes... and I am a slacker.

also, it was my first time replacing pickups.

the wire in your control cavity is a ground wire. you'll probably have to yank that sucker out and make a new one when you re-wire everything, just to be safe.


and besides... the answer to the question is ALWAYS build.

it's more funner!

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