theyre only like, one of the three most popular pickups brands there are. and theres only like 5000 different models. . .
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anyone has anything to say about them???

What models in specific?
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they're worth every penny
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A lot of people like Seymour Duncans, but frankly I don't see what's the big deal. They can sound a little cheap imo. I prefer Dimarzio. But I guess if you're on a tight budget Duncans can suffice. I'm actually quite interested in the Antiquity and the Jaguar Duncans.
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like any pickup, it really depends on the model.. there's more than just one type of seymour duncan..
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I had an Invader on the bridge of my Ibanez when I got it, I felt it was still missing something so on someones advice I got a pair of BareKnuckle pick-ups for it, they sound awesome. Go for Bare Knuckle if you can afford to ... assuming your looking for something really heavy/solid distortion.
If not, I cant help lol.
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anyone have anything to say about them???



its 'how good ARE seymour duncan pickups'
it does realy depend on the model of pickup.

i went from active EMGs (81/85) and changed them to a JB in the bridge, and a 59' in the neck: had an orgasm right as i plugged in.
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Like others have said, it really depends on the models. One set can sound like absolute crap, while a different set can sound like heaven. Invaders, Dimebuckers, and most of the "Duncan Designed" pickups are some examples of not-so-great models, and JB, 59's, Blackouts, Custom 5's, Custom Customs, and Full Shreds are examples of good models (er, IMO anyways).
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