I'm starting to play bigger shows and I want to upgrade my bass rig but don't know where to start. I strictly use old tube equipment and have little knowlege of the newer stuff (heads and cabs). My bass rig for years has been a Fender Showman head run through twin JBL 200 watt cab towers. I want to upgrade to something louder and more modern sounding because the band I'm in now has two guitarists and I need to compete in the voulume wars now. Are solid state heads really that bad, or should I consider them? What are the new guys running for cabs these days? any suggestions are welcolm. Please help.
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budget? generally speaking, solid state heads are just fine for bass, many people actually prefer the 'transparency' of tone that they give. according to many, a good solid state head can put out just about any tone you will ever need. they are also a lot cheaper and lighter.
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Wrong forum, take it to Bass forums or GG&A please.
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isn't this the bass forum?

anyways, i agree, i'm looking for a new bass amp and anything decent i'm looking at is SS...

of course, i'm looking at things substantially smaller than what you're going for...
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Wrong forum, take it to Bass forums or GG&A please.
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Erm....okay then

If its within your budget, I'd go for a Carvin stack.

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If you're a fan of Fender, there's the Bassman line of amps. They're tube, but more modern.

I'm going to guess that your budget is large enough to get something decent, so that's what I'll suggest. It's hard to go wrong when you get to a certain price range. Carvin makes good stuff, but good luck finding a place to test some out. Ampeg is always good, but it sounds like an Ampeg. Trace Elliot, Markbass, Gallien-Krueger, Peavey, Aguilar are all good brands, it's just up to choice and price range.

For cabs: Eden cabs, and every brand I listed for amps makes good cabs. It's just up to you to get out and test them out to see what you like.
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