wow, lately ive been playing plugged into my computer, because ive been teaching someone online, and i have my sound playing out of the computer speakers because i plugged the output into my comp from the amp. anyways i havent played through the actual speaker of the amp for about a week, and when i did earlier i was amazed at how crappy the sound was. my dell computer, with two little speakers and a VERY SMALL subwoofer had a sound a million times better than the speaker in the amp.... wow. i was like what the hell? wheres my bass? because my comps putting out tons of awsome bass but the speaker in the amp puts out none, when it 5 times larger than my computers.
I think.. The amps speaker would be giving you a more accurate example of the actual tone of the amp.. So the problem is not the amp speaker its still the actual amp.

Either the computer speakers are compressing/whatever the sound and making it sound better or just they are magically filtering out the bad bits.. I dunno..

Hi-fi speakers and guitar amp speakers are completely different things.. I'm sure there's some logic to my post but i've been awake all night and can't seem to explain myself properly.
I think that computer speakers actually have a broader frequency range, so the bass tones get picked up better
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yeah, the only difference was that the bass sounded really good. but the amp has very little bass.