Ok well there are two shows playing on the same night and their both awesome and I dont know which show to go to.
Options Are:
Smashing Pumpkins with Queens of the Stone Age supporting
Bluesfest: Buddy Guy, KT Tunstall, Keb Mo, Wilco, Ian Brown, Xavier Rudd, Newton Faulkner, Sugarland, Midge Marsden, Hollie Smith, Herbs (Unplugged), Paul Ubana Jones, Pluto, Little Bushman, Darcy Perry, Kokomo, Twinset, The Checks.

Yeah so which show should I go to?
Bluesfest. hands down.

Buddy Guy and Keb Mo are more than worth the price of admission.
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Bluesfest because the other show sucks ass.
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bluesfest. why is wilco playing?
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I don't know any of the people from bluesfest, so my decision will be...


Smashing Pumpkins aren't worth it anymore..
id see QUOTSA, and pumpkins too i guess
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even though i love the smashing pumpkins, they kinda suck live
and queens of the stone age are kinda lame

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tough one. But i couldn't go past smashinging pumpkins and Queens of the stone age. Im rather fond of QOTSA.......

EDIT: I guess it depends what you want to see more. If your a fan of quality music then bluesfest. If youra fan of the pumpkins or QOTSA then go for that
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