any programs out there that let you plug your electric guitar into your pc and use it as an amplifier? would be easier to practice guitar pro tabs in front of my computer instead of printing them out and listening to the MIDI on my ipod.
there is a few programs around,

guitar rig is a pretty cool program. only problem is i have 2 sound cards on my pc so i can run guitar rig and listen to music at the same time, where when i only had one i could only use guitar rig or music.

amplify (i think thats what it is called) is another one.
also a pretty cool program, not as much functionality as guitar rig tho, and you have to pay for it. like guitar rig
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revalver is ok if you have a half decent card. otherwise the latency will be kinda cruddy. you can use it as a plugin or its "live" function
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I've got an adapter and plug the guitar straight into the Line In port. I use Kristal for effects. Or if you already have an amp, plug your guitar into that, then the amp into the comp.

There is a thread for programs in the Riffs And Recordings forum. Thats really helpful. Check it out.
You don't need a program to play your guitar through the pc. Just get a 1/8th to 1/4th adapter for your cable and put it in your microphone / line in port.

You'll need a program if you want distortion / other effects though.
I've messed around a lot with those programs in the past, I've found that Amplitube II was the most real sounding as far as tones goes.