squire. but it's ****. no winning here.
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You'd really have to try both. For the money, Samick makes some great guitars. I've played and owned a number of them and like any guitar manufacturer, you'll find some good and bad ones (which is why I always try before I buy). On average though, I've found many Samicks to feel and play just as good as some guitars I've seen for twice the price. Also, doing something as simple as (and inexpensive in relation to a new instrument) a pickup upgrade can also extend the longevity of the instrument.
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Go with the Samick. Unless you are planning on spending $300.00 plus for a higher end Squier. Way more guitar for your dollar with the Samick. Nice tone, easy to play.
I assume you are talking about the Malibu strat copy. If so then go for it.
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samick for sure. my acoustic is a samick and i love it
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